Cover art by Mitchell Davidson Bentley

Ascendant is a high dark fantasy novel of the Thran Chronicles by H. David Blalock, published through Sam's Dot Publishing[1] in 2009. It is a rewritten version of the first three volumes of the Thran Chronicles that appeared from[2] from 2003-2006 and includes some new material. Content from the book was adapted into the short film Swordbearer in 2010, directed by Stephen Zimmer.


ISBN 9780981969602

2009, Sam's Dot Publishing, 470 pages

Book description:

Welcome back to Atlantis!

In the time before the sinking of Atlantis, the government of the southernmost island, Adylonis, is fractured among eight great Houses. Each is a sovereign entity jealous of its power and eager to exercise its ambitions over the rest of the island. However, the greatest city, Moorkai, is ruled by a neutral faction called the University, and the Atlantean Emperor’s presence on the island, represented by the priestly order of the Tialsar, maintains the balance of power through esoteric and political manuevering.

House Thran, in exile on the mainland for centuries for its support of the non-human races the Kel and Telmet, returns to claim its own after Andalarn Thran, Jarl (or ruler) of the House, appeals personally to the Emperor. The Tialsar, who had been in control of House Thran’s resources and secular position, are displaced and resent Andalarn’s return.
House Suum, blood enemy of House Thran even before the exile, is even more resentful of its return, as the two Houses are traditional opponents in the struggle for the Ascendancy, a title conferred only by the University on the pre-eminent House that equates to King of Adylonis.
So let the fur [and scales and skin] fly!

Oh, and did I mention there's a Wyrm in it the size of Wyoming?

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