Cover art by Mitch Foust

Hogurn's Dell: Book Four of the Thran Chronicles was the fourth volume in the six book series by H. David Blalock, published through[1] in 2005. Some content of the novel was rewritten into the novel Ascendant, published by Sam's Dot Publishing[2] in 2009. Map by Chris Raymer.

Hogurn's Dell: Book Four of the Thran Chronicles

ISBN 9781591136361

2005,, 187 pages

Book description:

Baliak Kel Mari and Andalarn Thran struggle to defend reality itself from a threat that stretches across multiple dimensions. To battle a being whose very existence spans a near infinity of space and time, they must find a way to contact parallel worlds that share their peril.

Some can never understand the threat, some resist their plans, and others are too far removed to care. Can a mere handful of allies hold back Armageddon?
Hogurn's Dell expands the Thran Chronicles saga that began with Thran Reborn and continued in The Burning House and The Tower of Moorkai. With each volume, the story becomes more complex, the danger more immediate, the characters more desperate.
How can the inevitable be avoided?

Currently out of print (2010).

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