Chaz DeBord, John Wells, Nate Merritt, and Claude Miles as the four Kel warriors (photo by Sven Granlund)

Swordbearer is the title of a short film produced by Cineline Productions[1] of Lexington, Kentucky and directed by Stephen Zimmer. The film is based on scenes from the novel Ascendant by speculative fiction author H. David Blalock. Filming ran from August to October 2010 at various locations in the vicinity of Lexington, Kentucky.

Title: Swordbearer

Director: Stephen Zimmer

Producers: H. David Blalock, Cineline Productions

Script: H. David Blalock, Stephen Zimmer



John Wells

Baliak Kel Mari (John Wells) is a Kel healer whose fate is tied to House Thran. He is drawn into the story early on and finds himself the spectator and chronicler of what becomes Atlantis' final days.


Matthew Perry

Andalarn, Jarl of House Thran (Matthew Perry) is intent on restoring his family's heritage and honor, no matter the cost.


Margaret Whitney

Kalene, Lady Thran (Margaret Whitney), faithful to her husband and her family, finds herself facing hardships she never imagined.

Hennock, House Thran champion: Al Snow

Tchek, House Suum champion: Benjamin Wood

Djemo, Ascendant of Adylonis: Roni Jonah[2]

Latacolc, Council Elder: Sonny Burnette[3]

Jarl Suum: Jason Crowe[4]

Hothorn, Captain of the Gray Runner: Vince Bingham

Loncaer, House Thran regent: Cherokee Hall

Solesan, Councilmember: Nathan Day

Jalinin, Councilmember: Courtney Lantz

Jeslon, Councilmember: Cory Stringer

Mendani, Councilmember: Jennifer Convery

Sala, a Djemoan mage: Jessica Von

Kala, a Djemoan mage: Ronica Jones

Gomaton, House Suum guard: Ryan Buckley

Norden, sailor: Christopher Leonard

Telmet warriors: William S. Toliver, T. J. Moreschi, Darren Carrico, Bubba Martin

Kel Mari warriors: Claude Miles, Nate Merrit, Chaz Debord

House Thran guards: Dale Miller, Steve Guynn, Stacey T. Gillespie, Larry Vires

Telila, Lady Kalene Thran's maidservant: Chrissy Joy

Daeper, son of Thran: Joey Otero

Petur, son of Thran: Cole Weikel

Daughters of House Thran: Allyson Wells, Cassidy Rae Owens

House Thran huntsman: Rick Lawing

House Thran major-domo: Daniel Montano-Smith

Tavern-goers: Tom Williams, H. David Blalock, Herika R. Raymer


Director: Stephen Zimmer

First Assistant Director: Nathan Day

Assistant Director: Justin Powell

Executive Producer: H. David Blalock

Producers: Matthew Perry, Sven Granlund, Stephen Zimmer

Production Company: Cineline Productions

Assistant Producer: Cara Worick

Cinematography: Aaron Champion

Camera: Sven Granlund, Justin Powell

Costuming: Marcia Miller, Abby Cook, Lori Baker, Robin Blankenship

Makeup and Hair: Kinnari Shah, Ronica Jones, Sven Granlund

Property/Grips: Billy Boyd, Justin Powell, Jordan Mynk, Josh Parsons, Andrew Blankenship

Fight Choreography: Allan Gilbreath

Location Consulting: Jack McKinney, Don Simandl

Location Scouting: Ken Daniels, Stephen Zimmer, Matthew Perry, Sven Granlund, Justin Powell, Aaron Champion

On-set and behind the scenes photography: Melissa Mohr Photography

Additional Contributions: Angela Parsons, Rachelle Hubretz, and Amanda Arthur-Struss

Shooting report - August 21-22, 2010

John Wells as Baliak Kel Mari (photo by Melissa Majors)

Shooting report - September 25, 2010

Shooting report - October 4-5, 2010

Behind the scenes photography (courtesy of Melissa Mohr Photography)

August 21, 2010 location photography:

August 22, 2010 location photography:

September 25, 2010 location photography:

Production stills

(courtesy of Matthew Perry)

(courtesy of Sven Granlund)

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