Ascendant appeared from Sam's Dot Publishing in 2009. Cover art by Mitchell Davidson Bentley

The Thran Chronicles is a blanket term for a series of high dark fantasy novels and stories written by H. David Blalock. The story arc embodies the history of several Jarls, or rulers, of House Thran, a powerful political family living during the time of Atlantis. The story was originally told in a six-book series that appeared from[1] between 2002 and 2008. These titles were

Thran Reborn [2]

The Burning House

The Tower at Moorkai

Hogurn's Dell

The Kel Saka

Ultima Thran

In 2009 the first three books appeared rewritten under the title Ascendant [3] from Sam's Dot Publishing[4]. In 2010, Cineline Productions[5] of Lexington, Kentucky, US, produced a short film titled Swordbearer based on a portion of the book.

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