Cover art by Mitch Foust

Ultima Thran: Book Six of the Thran Chronicles was the final volume in the six book series published through[1] in 2006. Some content of the novel was rewritten into the novel Emperor, published by Sam's Dot Publishing[2] in 2011. Map by Chris Raymer.

Ultima Thran: Book Six of the Thran Chronicles

H. David Blalock

ISBN 9781601450463

2006,, 332 pages

Book description: Baliak Kel Mari relates his memories of the beginning, describes his desperate attempts to prevent the inescapable, and comes to a harrowing realization. His relationship with House Thran takes on a whole new meaning in this, the last of "The Thran Chronicles".

Covering millennia in its scope, Ultima Thran is nevertheless really the story of one man: his life, his trials, his fate. To resist the inevitable has been his motto. But he has always known it to be a losing battle.

Can Baliak Kel Mari find purpose and peace, and Thran fulfill his destiny in spite of it all?

Currently out of print (2010).

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